BNAM2012 proceedings by title

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A computational model of auditory stream segregation based on a temporal coherence analysisChristiansen_37.pdf
A field study of school teachers' noise exposure, teachers' speech levels and duration of speech during classroom teachingKristiansen_39.pdf
A unique noise monitoring terminal optimised for either community or airport noiseFreneat_11.pdf
Acoustic design of open plan schools and comparison of requirementsPetersen_73.pdf
Acoustic eraser used with the acoustic camera on disturbing sourcesKloow_10.pdf
Acoustical capacity as a means of noise control in eating establishmentsRindel_29.pdf
Acoustics in Open-Plan Offices with Thermo Active Ceilings - a Case StudyLotzfeldt_79.pdf - A new knowledge transfer portalHagberg_56.pdf
Adjustable epoxy based vibration damping material for constrained-layer systemsKinnari_24.pdf
AkuLite, AcuWood and Silent Spaces - summary of resultsHagberg_82.pdf
Assessing aerodynamic amplitude modulation from wind turbine noiseDi_Napoli_35.pdf
Auditorium projects in Denmark since year 2000; room acoustic research and experience materializedGade_2.pdf



Can components in distortion-product otoacoustic emissions be separated?Tornvig_81.pdf
Changing the superstructure to minimise noise and vibrations from railwayRasmussen_34.pdf
Classroom acoustics and hearing ability as determinants for perceived social climate and intentions to stay at workPersson_40.pdf
Cognitive test performance following exposure to noise in an open-office simulation studyLund_51.pdf
Concert Hall Parameters - a status reportSkaalevik_69.pdf


Detection of pit clusters in pipes using the fundamental torsional guided waveLovstad_36.pdf
Difference in levels of groundborne noise and vibrations between the T-1300 and MX-3000 metro trains in OsloOlafsen_6.pdf


Edge diffraction implementation by semi-transparent surfaces in geometrical acousticsIsebakke_16.pdf
Effect of microphone position in hearing instruments on binaural masking level differencesGran_43.pdf
Effects of classroom acoustics on teachers' well-being and perceived disturbance by classroom noiseKristiansen_38.pdf
Emission sound pressure level and measurement uncertaintyJonasson_28.pdf
Energy based prediction models for building acousticsBrunskog_3.pdf
Experimental Research of Vibration Transmission in Wooden Junctions with a View Towards StatisticsDickow_49.pdf


Field measurements of Vibrations in a wooden floorBard_55.pdf
Floating Slabtrack Systems in Tunnels - a Case StudyCarels_91.pdf
45 years in acoustics: A personal accountJordan_76.pdf



Hearing and noise annoyance in schoolteachersLund_50.pdf
Helicopter Noise Control Ekofisk Field - Full Scale Mockup TestsKlaveness_71.pdf


Implementation of the Environmental Noise Directive, exploitation of results in Europe and its next phaseBlanes_5.pdf
Influence of barrier tops on noise levels: new BEM calculationsPigasse_8.pdf



Korundi - The new home for the Lappland chamber orchestraMoeller_22.pdf



Measurement of the Advanced Loudspeaker Parameters using Curve-Fitting MethodThorborg_32.pdf
Measurements of facade sound insulation using a loudspeaker or railbound vehicles as sourcesOlafsen_7.pdf
Minimizing speech contribution using different microphone noise dosimeter positionsSjodin_20.pdf
Modelling measurement microphones using BEM with visco-thermal lossesCutanda_85.pdf
Musculoskeletal modelling of low-frequency whole-body vibrationsRasmussen_90.pdf
Music Room Acoustics - Critical Parameters Toward a Norwegian StandardSkaalevik_68.pdf
Music-school concert hall - flutter echo treatmentPetersen_53.pdf


Noise control in after-school centres - methods and resultsNielsen_47.pdf
Noise from Wind Turbines Measurement and prediction including low frequency noiseSondergaard_87.pdf
Noise in the Norwegian Oil IndustryOgnedal_88.pdf
Noise mapping inside a car cabinSjoj_17.pdf
Norwegian acoustic criteria for accessibility for allTurunen-Rindel_83.pdf
Numerical study of acoustic streaming and radiation forces on micro particlesJensen_77.pdf


On a new, on/off broadband absorber system for music schools and other multipurpose facilitiesAdelman-Larsen_86.pdf


Prediction of Vibration Transmission within Periodic Bar Structures: Analytical Vs Numerical ApproachDomadiya_9.pdf


Qualification of Duct Resonator Array for Noise Reduction in Offshore InstallationsRodinoPalacios_78.pdf


Rating of floors with the proposed impact sound reduction indexKylliainen_14.pdf
Requirements and solutions for universal designMoen_46.pdf
Reverberation time in class rooms - Comparison of regulations and classification criteria in the Nordic countriesRasmussen_67.pdf
Room Acoustic Projects in ScandinaviaHalmrast_57.pdf


Simulation of Acoustic Wave Propagation in 3-D Sonic Crystals based on Triply Periodic Minimal SurfacesHoare_75.pdf
Sound classification of dwellings in the Nordic countries - Differences and similarities between the five national schemesRasmussen_74.pdf
Sound insulation of newly-built residential housing stock of EstoniaRundva_64.pdf
Sound levels in rehearsal and medium sized concert halls; are they too loud for the musicians?Gade_66.pdf
Sound Reflector for Simplifying Sound Intensity Measurements Jessen_65.pdf
Spatialisation accuracy of a Virtual Performance SystemLaird_54.pdf
Speech as input for technical measuresDaugaard_23.pdf
Speech in Noise Test based on a Ten-Alternative Forced Choice ProcedurePedersen_25.pdf
Speech transduction based on linguistic contentChristiansen_26.pdf
Stavanger Kulturskole og KatedralskoleOgnedal_48.pdf
Strategic Noise Mapping of City of Tallinn, EstoniaLuik_61.pdf


Temporary Living Quarters Ekofisk FieldKlaveness_70.pdf
The Control of Early Decay Time on Auralization Results based on Geometric Acoustic ModellingFoteinou_58.pdf
The design for new building of Estonian Public Broadcasting ERRKaasik_63.pdf
The LOGOMO HallRiionheimo_45.pdf
The Norwegian high speed rail studyBrekke_18.pdf
The renovation of the Great hall of the Moscow P. I. Tchaikovsky ConservatoryTishko_62.pdf
The Virtual Singing Studio: A loudspeaker-based room acoustics simulation for real-time musical performanceBrereton_59.pdf
Thermal Modelling of Loudspeaker Unit -and efficiency considerationsPedersen_84.pdf
3D Sound in the Telepresence Project BEAMINGOlesen_80.pdf
Tinnitus, noise and health effects in preschool environmentsSjodin_21.pdf
Traditional and Advanced Models for the Dynamic LoudspeakerThorborg_31.pdf



Vibratory investigation of a fiber-reinforced concrete floor supported by wooden beams: part ISjostrom_33.pdf
Vibratory investigation of a fiber-reinforced concrete floor supported by wooden beams: part IINegreiraMontero_19.pdf


Whatever went wrong in Copenhagen?Jordan_89.pdf




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