Please submit your abstract(s) on or before February 27th 2012. Abstracts are submitted by sending an email to abstracts@bnam2012.com. You should receive an auto-reply confirming the reception of the abstract. The mail should contain the following information:

  • Paper title
  • Contact author name, title, organisation, address and email
  • Author names and affiliations (if multiple authors)
  • Main and sub-topic according to the technical programme (if possible - otherwise suggest classification)
  • Invited papers: Name of the person inviting you. (Will be used to group abstracts in the review process)
  • Text of the abstract, which should be one paragraph. The text of the abstract should exceed 100 words but must not exceed 200 words and be written in English. It should not contain acronyms, references, equations or variables, it should be plain text only

The auto-reply should not be regarded as an acceptance of the abstract. Acceptance notices will be send by March 1st along with instructions for preparing the paper. For abstracts submitted after February 15th, notifications will be send by March 12th.

Up to three papers are included in the registration fee of one author.

Congress secretariat, secretariat@bnam2012.com
Peter Juhl, ITI, University of Southern Denmark
Campusvej 55, DK-5230 Odense M, Denmark